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About Us


High Rises, LLC, a New York City based company founded in 2002 is a Private Equity Firm with a team of experts who provides access to Private Capital and C-Level Executive talent to companies & entrepreneurs who require capital or corporate growth.  Headquartered  in the financial district of New York, High Rises is the premiere source for capital and corporate expansion. 

The company provides Structured Finance and Leveraged Capital  to Companies and Entrepreneurs to fund their acquisitions or corporate expansions globally. 

We also buy and sell businesses and income producing assets. Our objective is to grow companies exponentially and then help sell them for  more than what it's worth today. We are looking to partner with business professionals, business owners and investors who may be interested in buying selling or growing their businesses.

The second aspect of our business that we specialize in is putting together lucrative opportunities that our partners and ourselves are afforded more COLLATERALIZATION and PREDICTABLE double digit returns by using our proven risk management process that we mandate MORE CONTROLLOWER RISK and ABOVE AVERAGE returns on any projects we are vested in. 

We also have a strategic alliances in the area of liquidation of non performing assets from  private financial institutions, Banks, Credit Unions big and small.

Our typical clients are established companies, not start ups, so your company must be in business for at least two years, with gross annual sales between $1 to $15 million. Unlike traditional private equity or management consulting firms, we earn most of our compensation as equity rather than fees. This creates a win/win scenario for the business owner, since we only make money when we successfully complete growing our partner's businesses.

High Rises looks at every deal individually, and through a rapid but extensive due diligence process.

High Rises focuses its capitalization and growth expansion operations globally.

We understand the unique needs of the market place, and have developed the flexibility and creativity necessary to suit these special needs.

We focus on relationship capital.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together!